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Julia runs courses from her studio in Eastbourne.

During a one day course with a delicious home prepared lunch of soup, bread and locally sourced cheeses and salads she will take you through the key processes to create your own copper foiled light catcher.

You can either use one of her design templates or create your own - she will guide you through the process of doing this effectively.

During the day you will learn:-

How to design

How to mark up glass for cutting

How to cut glass

How to finish the edges using a diamond polisher

How to de-grease and apply copper foil the edges of your glass pieces

How to apply flux to ensure the solder will adheree to the copper foil

How to solder using 50.50 lead/tin solder

How to add a copper hook for hanging

Gloves are required for soldering and glass cutting and these are provided as part of the course fee.

Course cost £60

Strictly limited to six people to ensure individual time and attention

Next course dates: 16th June, 23rd July

Please use the contact form to enquire about attendance.

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